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Our production follows high quality and control standards


A wide metallurigical research for high-quality products

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01 / EDM Wire

A complete range of brass, zinc coated wires and special alloys. Production repeatability and clean surface are their main features.


02 / Filters

Wide range of filters for any EDM and die-sinking machine. High quality. Made in Germany.


03 / Spare Parts and Accessories

Wide range of spare parts and accessories for any EDM machine. Produced according to Swiss precision and Japanese technology.


Save on your cutting process!

Choose 100% Made in Italy products

Through a strict cooperation with a leading R&D Institute we have developed products that can reach a higher cutting speed than the other import standard brass wires distributed in most markets.

Our sales network with highly skilled technical consultants can help you to find out the right product, carry out tests and achieve the best performance from your EDM machine.

An efficient Customer Service and a production followed by both company owners in person make TFE a company working at industrial standards but with the service and the quality of a handcraft product.

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Do you know EDM? Discover the benefits of this kind of metal machining

EDM is a metal machining process which uses the spark erosion strength to remove material: the spark erosion machining – also known as EDM (Electric Discharge Machining) – was discovered during some tests on the wear of electric contacts to find out the metals or alloys with the best resistance to the electric arc.
EDM machines are used for all those applications which cannot be carried out by standard NC machines with chip removal.

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All our EDM wires are produced in our factory because we want to supply the best products for your EDM machine.


We can assure the constant quality of the wires of our production


In the EDM worldwide market since 1990

Certified Solutions

Consulting and certified products to achieve the best targets


A constant improvement of products and technology


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